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Question of: Combatting the spread of Zika Virus

Main Submitter: Brazil

Co-Submitter: El Salvador, DPRK, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Ukraine, Lithuania


Keeping in mind the Zika occurred in two regions of Europe and in Asia, Pacific, Africa and America,


Acknowledging the Zika virus is an emerging mosquito borne virus that was first identified in Uganda’s Zika forest in 1947 found in rhesus monkeys, by a monitoring network for sylvatic yellow fever,


1.      Endorses all nations to speed up and facilitate the development and implementation of In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) for Zika in ways such as but not limited to:


a.       Proposing better definition and prioritization of the needs for patients presenting symptoms, surveillance, research, patient monitoring, when and where will the tests be used, multiplex tests,

b.      Supporting WHO in developing target product profiles (TPPs) in collaboration with multiple partners and conducting a pipeline analysis,

c.       Suggesting for accessibility to standardized reference materials to design/validate/calibrate the tests such as supporting WHO in coordinating the development of these reference materials in collaboration with partnering organizations;


2.      Strongly urges nations to raise awareness for the general public about the Zika Virus on the symptoms, how it spreads, and its effects upon fetal development through means such as but not limited to:

a.       Using education as a mean of raising awareness especially on the younger generations such as but not limited to:

                                   i.            Putting the necessary information that is listed above in textbooks targeted towards young adolescents who are in pursuit of higher and lower education,

                                 ii.            Using posters which include information that will educate and inform the students upon the Zika Virus,

                               iii.            Training clinicians so that they can further educate the public through the establishment of a new program,

                               iv.            Identifying a way to translate the message by hiring professional speakers of the language,

b.      Educating students on sexual transmitted diseases in areas with a low HDI by:

                                i.            Wearing a latex condom which includes male and female condoms,

                              ii.            Abstinence,

                            iii.            Testing of Zika Virus when living in an area where the virus is present if suspected,

                            iv.            Promoting mutual monogamy.

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